Vegeteria - Vegetarian Event Catering

The Vegeteria Stall Vegeteria are a family owned vegan and vegetarian festival and event catering business who specialise in freshly prepared mediterranean food. Our menu consists of several nutritious products that combine to make a delicious healthy fast food.

Our signature dish is our handmade Falafel. Each sandwich is packed full of tasty ingredients and made to order using a large pitta bread filled with freshly cooked organic Falafel balls, home-made houmous and a variety of delicious salads and sauces.

Our menu and stalls are designed to offer a clean, friendly and fun approach to vegetarian food and provide exciting twists on classic Mediterranean dishes.

The Vegeteria Greek Style Marquee

5 Stars in Health and Safety

Nationwide Caterers Association (NCASS) members

Environmentally responsible: biodegradable packaging wherever possible

Fully compliant with UK Gas, Electrical and Health and safety regulations.

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